While in our classrooms, your student will be learning about these topics and developing the ability to:

Seventh (7) Grade

  • Personal Health and Wellness: Demonstrates understanding of the dimensions of health and wellness, identifies factors that affect health, analyzes risks and consequences to health, describes and understands the decision-making model ( DECIDE), identifies personal attitudes, values and beliefs that affect decision-making, develops a personal action plan to demonstrate the SMART goal setting strategy
  • Mental Health: Identifies characteristics of mentally healthy people, understands how the following topics affect mental health and behavior: emotional needs, self-esteem, body image, personality types, stress and stress management, recognizes and copes with emotions in healthy ways Recognize and value contributions of sound physical conditioning to performance and enjoyment of team sports and group activities
  • Social Health: Identifies characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships ( family, peers, friends), demonstrates understanding of effective communication skills, identifies and demonstrates coping skills for conflict ( bullying and cyber-bullying)

Eighth (8) Grade

  • Mental Health Illnesses: Identifies sign and symptoms of the following, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders
  • Identify warning signs of depression and prevention of suicide
  • Describe treatment options for mental illnesses and community resources for help and support
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: understands the consequences of drugs and develops refusal skills in order to make healthy decisions, demonstrates comprehension of vocabulary, identifies the stages and types of addiction, describes consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on the body systems, identifies the categories of drugs and the effect on the Central Nervous System, analyzes the influences of peer pressure and media, identifies community resources for help with substance abuse
  • Human Growth and Development: Develop strategies to effectively communicate about sexuality, demonstrates understanding of the dimensions of sexuality including gender differences, stereotypes, and sexual orientation, identifies developmental changes during adolescence, identifies anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive systems, develops personal boundaries for healthy dating relationships, understands and identifies reasons that abstinence is a healthy choice for teens, demonstrate comprehension of teen pregnancy prevention, understands the influence of society(family, peers and media) on sexuality and consequences of sexual activity, develops awareness and prevention of sexually transmitted infections ( including HIV/AIDS)

Meet Our Health Teacher

Brian Russell

Century High School, John Adams Middle School, RPS Online Middle School
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