Walking and Bike Safety

We encourage families who live within the walk zone to consider walking or biking to school.  When more children walk and bike to school, the auto pick up and drop off congestion around the school diminishes and makes it safer for everyone. The decision to walk and bike should take into account the child’s age and maturity level, the presence of sidewalks and crosswalks as well as the distance to school.  We recommend that parents take an active role in teaching their children the rules of the road, and practicing the best route to school with their children, pointing out crosswalks and how to be safe.  

The Rochester Planning Department created walk and bike route maps. Please review the map and the school safety tips on safe walking and biking.


Tips for walking to school

Tips for biking to school

ABC Quick Check for Your Bicycle:

  • Air: Squeeze your tires to make sure they are firm and full of air.
  • Brakes: Hold down your brakes and try to move your bicycle back and forth, if it doesn’t move your brakes are working.
  • Chain: Make sure your chain is black or silver and quiet when you ride, if it is orange or squeaky it is rusty and needs some oil.